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ekipa Ambulanta Košir

Ambulanta Košir Covid-19 Test Team

Ambulanta Košir Covid-19 Test-Team provides affordable and accomodating self-paid COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Testing is also available for non-citizens, it is not required to present a local health insurance card nor a doctor’s prescription.


Swab collection, laboratory analysis (Antigen or Molecular method) and written Test Result Certificate is provided. It is possible to book an individual appointment or arrange a testing appointment for a larger group.


Ambulanta Košir d.o.o. is a Ministry of Health – licensed provider of COVID-19 Testing. The tests used and the certificates issued are in accordance with European Commission Directorate-General For Health And Food Safety Common List.


In 2021, the team completed over 1000 testing events for over 50.000 individuals and has been active since the start of Government Testing Mandate Implementation.


For the laboratory analysis of molecular tests we partner with Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana (IMI FM UL), which is the principal and the largest institution in Slovenia, highly qualified for microbiology and immunology activities in healthcare, research and education.




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